White Kidney Bean Extract – Natural Carb and Starch Blocker

Obesity is one of the prime concerns of a large number of people in the present day world. The excessive accumulation of fat in the human body can result in various health complications like cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, cancer and certain others. However, there is only one good point associated with obesity that it can be cured. With the help of proper diet plans and effective exercises, you can easily melt down the surplus fat from your body. White kidney bean extract is a good choice in order to lose weight. This extract primarily works as a natural starch blocker as well as carbohydrate blocker. Human body requires proper energy in order to carry out different day to day activities. This energy is derived from the digestion as well as metabolism of food that you consume. The process cycles around smoothly until you start consuming more amounts of calories as against your daily requirement.

Our body only requires certain percentage of calories in order to burn and produce energy. When you start consuming more calories, the surplus ones are converted into fat and are stored in your muscles. In the presence of carbs, human body releases alpha amylase enzyme in order to break down into small and simple compounds, known as starch. The white kidney bean extract blocks the discharge of this Whole Melt Extracts enzyme. As a result, the amount of undigested carbohydrates being flushed out of the gastrointestinal tract is reduced to one third and the remaining carbs are digested normally. Therefore, in this manner the extract helps you in losing weigh in a simple, healthy and effective manner. Apart from losing weight, it also helps in strengthening the immune system and effectively controlling cancer, diabetes, arthritis and sclerosis.

According to a recent study published in International Journal of Medical Sciences, this white kidney bean extract helps in losing weight in a safe and healthy manner. For this study, 60 overweight people were selected and divided in 2 different groups. During the study period of 30 days, one group was placebo 1 hour prior to a carb rich meal and the other group was given this extract. During the final days of this study, the group of people consuming white kidney bean extract showed fruitful results in comparison to the people of other group. From the studies it was revealed that, this extract did not produce any harmful effects in the long run. In the short run, the people faced diarrhea but, it was eliminated in the long run due to habituation to the extract.

Therefore, white kidney bean extract is an excellent natural starch blocker as well as a carbohydrate blocker.


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