What Takes place When On the net Apps, On the net Coupons, and Grocery Retailer Loyalty Cards All Merge?

The other day I was at the grocery store, and somebody ahead of me was obtaining their groceries with food stamps – perhaps, this has occurred to you? I noticed that the individual in front of me with the food stamps was shopping for soda pop, potato chips, and lots of snacks – not truly meals necessities, and that disturbed me mainly because as a taxpayer, I realized that I am paying for that. Worse, I also take place to notice that they were an overweight household, which produced sense based on their purchases.

Once more, I was disturbed mainly because I realize that I am subsidizing healthcare for those who can afford it and they were not taking care of themselves primarily based on the food they had been buying and consuming. Meanwhile my personal well being care insurance has risen 30% in the last two years, and well being care fees general, for all Americans has risen 8% every year. Certainly, I assume we all know when it comes to grocery store loyalty cards, and with people who are acquiring through food stamps, that at some point all of our food purchases will be monitored by the government.

Indeed, the grocery store currently knows what you are getting, as component of their buyer loyalty rewards plan cards. Now, there are on online grocery store which are operating with grocery retailer coupons, and the companies of food items. This signifies big corporations are sharing data about you. We also know that corporations are not usually so good at securing their information and information at their data centers.

There was an interesting write-up worth reading on this subject published on June 7, 2011 in Marketing Age by means of RSS Feed titled “Groupon Goes Into Supermarkets Via Loyalty Cards – Deal Has ‘Potential to Revolutionize Grocery-Advertising Landscape” by Jack Neff. The short article stated

“Groupon is joining two Boston promoting-services and analytics firms to get deeper into the classic grocery coupon company in a test market with Springfield, MA primarily based Big Y. In a 1st for Groupon, today’s Significant Y deal in Massachusetts makes use of supermarket loyalty cards to conduct the transaction. Shoppers can get a $39.99 seafood grill pack with lobster tails, clams, mussels, and seafood for $24, with the prepaid deal loaded into their accounts and reflected at checkout.”

Okay so, what about customer privacy? What if you trust your grocery shop, but you never necessarily trust Groupon? Properly, as a customer you will be tracked based on your purchases and then sent added coupons from this on the web venue, and you will also notice new items appearing on the back of your grocery shop register receipts. Are you starting to see all the issues with this? Certainly if the corporations gather the data, and the government wants the information, they will be in a position to attain it.

Additional if the government is now in charge of people’s wellness care, then they could effortlessly say that they are entitled to that facts to make sure you eat the appropriate issues to decrease healthcare fees. I’m not sure this is the society that I signed up for, or was born into. I always believed that the United States of America was for freedom, liberty, and not for obtrusive government.

If you never see the connection here, you might wish to consider about all this. I realize that lots of individuals are not worried, but I also really feel they are too trusting, and may well not recognize the full influence or future ramifications of all this. I ask that you please believe on it, consider it, and if you have any comments or issues please shoot me an e-mail.

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