Using a Hunter PVP Guide to Dominate Player Versus Player

Playing a Hunter class character in World of Warcraft PvP requires some of the skills of a real hunter. You need to be able to identify the target and understand its likely behavior so you can anticipate what it will do next. You also need to know your own capabilities and the capabilities of your gear. And you need to be able to maneuver into the optimal position to take on your target without becoming a target yourself.

But playing a hunter in PvP involves much more than that. You need to know when and how to deploy your Freezing and Frost Traps and essential crowd control devices. And you need to know how to manage the space between you and your opponents to cause the most possible DPS damage in each fight.

To truly succeed in Hunter PvP combat, you need to know the strategy and tactics for killing each class of opponent. In particular you need to understand how Druids or Warriors or Rogues are likely to approach you. And you need to know how to counter those classes that can close into melee combat quickly, such as Warriors and Rogues.

You can learn much of what you need to win as a Hunter in PvP simply by spending time in the arena. But I can tell you from personal experience that if you try, you had better be prepared to get crushed and humiliated for a long time. I spent many frustrating hours ranking last or near last in the standings when I tried. It wasn’t until I picked up a Hunter PvP Guide that I was able to make real progress.

But of course, not all Hunter PvP Guides are created equal. Choosing the right Hunters PvP Guide can save you many hours of trial and error as you get your character ready to dominate the arena.


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