Traditional Air Ducts Vs KE Fibertec Ducts

The air that we breathe is extremely important. It is essential that you understand that your body needs several things in order to thrive, that is air, food, and water. It is very hard today to find clean air to breathe, wherever you go there are always pollutants in the air, and you are definitely not safer from these pollutants indoors. If you have a central air conditioner on and the air travels through the air ducts and into the space, you may think that the air is clean, however, you are mistaken. Traditional air ducts are quite dirty, especially if you do not spent the extra cash to have them cleaned regularly. There is an alternative, however, which provides clean air to the space as well as saves you quite a bit of money on regular maintenance and cleaning.Tools & Equipment Required for Air Duct Cleaning MMI

The dirty air indoors that flows out of the air ducts significantly contributes sick building syndrome. Studies show this is all due to the improper upkeep and maintenance i’m feeling curious. If the air duct is not properly maintained and cleaned in a restaurant or any other space involved with the food industry, it may cause bacteria and germs to grow rapidly. This is a serious problem with traditional ducts. With KE Fibertec ducts you no longer have to worry about these issues as the ducts do not require such extensive and expensive maintenance.

The ducts are easy to remove and replace, they are fabric so they are considerably lightweight and easy to handle as well. It’s as simple as doing some laundry. Simply remove the duct from its place, dismantle, and throw in the washer. You don’t even have to air dry it, simply put it in the dryer and you are set. Don’t worry about any problems with shrinkage as they can be washed and dried over and over again without such issues.

Unlike the traditional ducts which require a professional to come regularly and do special cleaning and maintenance, the KE Fibertec Ducts can be dome by anyone. The cleaning of traditional ducts can become a headache and are very expensive, this results in slacking on the cleaning and investing in both the lifespan of the air conditioning unit and ducts, and of course is hazardous to the health of the people that breathe the air.

With the fabric ducts there is no need to worry about such issues as it’s so simple to clean and upkeep, and in many cases the installation company or the company that you purchased the ducts from usually offers maintenance services, which in many cases are also much cheaper than the maintenance of the traditional ducts.

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