Tips for Business With Staff Problems

Here are some ways to stop staff hurting your business and how to keep your staff.

1. If you keep losing staff, give your staff ownership of tasks and projects which will build loyalty amongst your staff, as they will feel part of the success of the business and are more likely to be loyal to the business.

2. Always show respect to staff and recognize their hard work.

3. Make them feel valued, not just by bonus money IT Staff  or overtime pay, but also a simple thank you.

4. Only criticize privately but praise publicly.

5. Employ the right people. If you keep hiring bad people, chances are your recruitment practices are not right. Seek professional help from a recruitment agency or outsource to a specialist human resources professional.

6. Try working completely with staff, showing them trust and involving them in projects.

7. Sharing information about the business to staff, keeping them informed will make them feel more valued. Being part of the team boosts staff morale.

8. Do not blame or look for people to blame, rather make the systems better so the mistake doesn’t happen again.

9. As the owner sort out problems and lead the staff. Keeping cool in the situation is very important, as you can poorly disturb the staff balance. Losing your temper with staff is a no no, and a sure fire way to permanently damage their chance of being a long term staff member.

10. At the job interview employees should be screened thoroughly so that they will suit the organization and role.

11. Have good training for your staff, make it easier for them to perform their tasks with checklists, get them to run through tasks with you, before they go out on and do on their own.

12. Involve your staff all the way through, show them the good bits as well, do not only make them do the hard part and not see the overall positive result.

13. Keep involving your staff and reworking their future roles so that they are developing.

14. It can take up to five tries before you get the right staff person so do not give up and keep improving yourself as their trainer to do the job.

15. Review them regularly, balance positives with some negatives.

16. Have a proper induction and training process for new staff.

17. Give pay rises, when deserved or they have contributed considerable profit to the business so to retain good staff.

18. Be flexible and fit in with their work life balance.

19. Train your staff to train staff, this is a powerful way to sav


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