Three Stimulating Television Shows to Watch

Television is still our greatest home entertainment medium, yet more and more people are becoming disillusioned with the quality of TV shows and are switching off. The thing is, there are still some great shows out there that can teach us valuable lessons, here are a few of the best.

One of my favorites is the detective drama Psych. The main guy, Shawn, pretends to be psychic to solve crime, when in reality he is just sharp witted and possesses a photographic memory. It is a thoroughly entertaining show and gets your own detective skills going. It’s both interesting and thought provoking and I highly recommend it.

Another show I never miss is the ABC show Super Nanny. If you miss it, there are re runs every day on the Style network. Jo Frost is the super nanny who tries to educate parents as to how to handle their unruly kids. She enters their homes and gives out great advice on how to handle their homeland project free tv unruly kids without screaming at them or dealing out harsh punishments. Both the kids and their parents benefit greatly from Jo Frost’s presence.

There are many factual programs that aim to raise peoples self esteem and improve themselves. What not to wear takes people who, quite frankly, don’t know what fashion sense means, and show them how to dress to feel better about them selves. I don’t believe in judging a book by its cover, but they so often are. Tips to improve how you look can have a huge bearing on the rest of your life.

There a few shows which I find highly educational, but that are not suitable for kids. These are Law and Order, NCIS and the 3 CSI’s. They are fascinating and vey informative. It gives us an insight into our legal system and deals with sensitive subjects as well as ethics and morals.

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