The ASUS A52F-X3 15.6-Inch Laptop – The Perfect Mid-Ranged Laptop Model

This HD-ready notebook is the ideal combination of versatility and high-class design, offering you the power of the best laptop units on the market for a reasonable price. With scratch-resistant infusion design and a pile of features that enable multi-tasking at its best, the ASUS A52F-X3 is a sleek and satisfying notebook.


Of course, anyone shopping for the best laptop or notebook needs to know what the features are and what the product’s specifications are.

The ASUS A52F-X3 includes:

2.26GHz Intel Core i3-350M processor
320GB hard drive
15.6-inch widescreen HD display
Intel HD graphics
Windows 7 Home Premium

Personal Media in Style

Of course, those looking for the best laptop or notebook know that the features hp laptop ryzen 5 aren’t everything. There are style points to be had, after all, and the ASUS A52F-X3 has you covered there as well.

Thanks to HDMI connectivity, you can transform the ASUS A52F-X3 into a media hub and view content on your television set or on a larger monitor than the generous one already included. With a single cord and no mess, you can hook up rich HD content to your HDTV and stream 1080p video and audio straight to your home entertainment system. It’s a snap.

While you’re watching content, you’re sure to notice the ergonomic design and comfort of this notebook from ASUS. With a sunken-hinge chassis and streamlined design, the A52F-X3 is a dazzling set piece for any room of your home. With so much power and function inside, it’s refreshing to know that this is one notebook that still looks the part on the outside.


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