Online Slots in Australasia Manufacturers

Australia as well as New Zealand have thriving gambling markets thanks to several land-based producers who have made major advancements in the world of electronic gaming. Companies such as I.G.T. and Aristocrat have helped put Australia along with New Zealand on the map in terms of gambling technology. Recently both companies have entered the world of online gambling, and both have had an abundance of successes.


I.G.T. was first introduced to the Australian gambling market in live slot online the early 1980s. It was not the most well-known name in the industry, but it quickly made itself a trusted name in the industry of gambling. Its S-Slot was an innovative device that utilized an embedded microprocessor to drive the reels of the game. At the period, I.G.T. also invented the premier progressive-payout machine that had the jackpot starting at $1 million. It was possible due to the wide-area jackpot network connecting machines from several casinos. It was among the first in its class.


The company also created various themed slots and poker machines that enticed players from across the country. After the introduction of I.G.T. ‘s themed slot games the gambling market in Australia was totally transformed. I.G.T. set off a new trend which will see all local developers create slots games that feature innovative themes and styles.


Following the turn of century century I.G.T. made the decision to join the market for online gambling. It was one of the first gambling companies based in Australasia to start creating online slot machines. This was a major leap for the country’s gaming market and inspired others to follow in the footsteps of. In I.G.T. ‘s experience in the market of online gambling The company has made major strides. The majority of I.G.T. games on the internet are recreations of the most popular land-based gaming. It certainly gives the company an edge over other operators since they have a loyal fan base that is based in the offline gaming world.


Aristocrat has also made the same shift into the online gaming world. It is the longest-running gaming operator operating in Australia and has more than 50 years of expertise in developing casinos and poker games. The company has developed some of Australia’s most popular pokies, and also provides more than 80 percent of electronic gaming equipment to the gaming clubs in Australia.


It wasn’t until I.G.T was able to join the online gaming market that Aristocrat was able to follow suit. Aristocrat took the same strategy by re-releasing their most popular slots on land on the internet. 5 Dragons is the very first Aristocrat game to launch online and has enjoyed an incredible amount of positive response. The game was a huge popularity the game has been so popular that Aristocrat has also made it available as a mobile game on the iTunes App Market.


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