Herbal Detox Diet – A Healthy Way to Cleanse Your Body!

Because all kinds of pollutants are present in the environment we live in, detoxification has become a necessity. The body can self-cleanse through its own natural waste material disposal systems like the liver, kidneys, colon, and many others. With toxin overload, these organs will start malfunctioning and their natural detoxifying capabilities are interrupted. When harmful chemical substances are clogging and getting stuck up, various illnesses and diseases will develop to destroy our health.

To regain lost health and recapture high energy levels, we must cleanse our bodies with help from detox diet programs. There must also be some changes in our lifestyle. Certain eating and drinking habits must be altered. Avoid consuming processed and fatty foods. Decrease intake of caffeine and alcohol. Drink a lot of water to help the body flush out toxic substances.

One of the healthy ways to cleanse your body is through herbal detox diet program. When you use herbs in your detoxification process, you can be assured that the ingredients are all-natural and contain medicinal qualities. Herbs are known to liven up the metabolism rate and enhance the flow of blood in all vital organs of the body. They are also anti-fungal and antioxidants that help remove free radicals.

Here are some of the common herbs that are used in herbal detox diet plan:

1. Herbs that act as laxatives and diuretics:
– Juniper berries that strengthen  通渠服務 and cleanse the bladder, urinary tube, and kidneys
– Nettle and burdock roots act as mild diuretics
– Psyllium husks and seeds are mild laxatives
– Liquorice root is a good laxative that nourishes adrenal glands
– Alfalfa sprouts is a multi-purpose laxative

2. Herbs that cleanse the liver:
– Milk thistle excretes toxins and strengthens the liver
– Dandelion root cleanse and rejuvenates the liver

3. Herbs for the lymphatic system:
– Basil
– Thyme
– Celery
– Rosemary
– Fennel
– Grapefruit
– Lemon

The main role of lymphatic system is to excrete waste materials from the cells of the body. Since the presence of cellulite indicates insufficient lymphatic drainage, herbal oils are used to help flush out toxins through the pores of the skin. Just combine three kinds of oils from these herbs to be used for body massage or skin brushing.

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