Get Unstuck From Being a Drama Queen

Is drama alive and well in your life? Do you seem to go from one crisis to another? Is everything that happens to you bigger than life? Do you spend hours telling your friends, relatives and anyone who will listen about your troubles? Does life happen to you? If so, you might be a drama queen. A drama queen is someone who is addicted to drama. If there is not drama in a drama queen’s life he or she will create one. Life only seems to be working when it doesn’t work.

If you are stuck in the drama quagmire here are some things that might help you get out. Once you get out you will have freedom to live your own life and to be free from life happening to you rather than you living your life. You will be in control rather than being a victim. Does that sound good to you? If so try these steps:


  1. Look carefully at your behavior. Analyze several examples of what you do when you feel something bad has happened to you. Who do you talk to?  Dramacool  do you say? How many people do you talk to? How often? Do you talk about things happening to you or are you talking about things that you control? If you are the victim or the target then you are probably being a drama queen.
  2. Make a decision. Do you want to remain at the mercy of life and other people or do you want to be in charge of your own life? What is in it for you to not be in charge? What pay-off do you get from being a victim or a drama queen? Is that what you want? What would it be like to give up that pay-off?
  3. What will you gain when you do take control of your life? What will that be like for you? What is it worth to you? Are you willing to take the steps to make it happen? If you are then take the next step.
  4. Put yourself in the shoes of an objective observer and go back over the examples you analyzed in step one. As you take on the role of objectivity what do you see? What would you, as an objective observer, suggest as behavior that would be in control of the situation? How do you see using that new behavior in the future?
  5. Now think of a time in the future when you might experience something that in the past you would have responded to as a drama queen. Imagine what you will do instead. Vision the entire situation. What will you do? What will you say? Who will you talk to?
  6. Practice your new behaviors in your head several times and then try it the next time a situation comes up where you would have defaulted to your drama queen behavior. How did that feel? You now have control and can choose how you want to behave.


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