Free Currency Trading System – A System the Pros Use For Big Gains

The free currency trading system enclosed, works and has piled up big gains for over 25 years and can help lead you to currency trading success. Everything you need to know about it is enclosed, lets look at it…

Many people buy Currency trading systems and you get lots of Forex robots and so called Forex Expert Advisors claiming they make big gains but this free system out performs all of them – Why?

Because unlike the bulk of the sold systems, it has a real track buy brics reserved currency record of gains whereas the sold ones, rely on back tests and simulations which never repeat. There is a big difference making money going backwards knowing the closing price and making it going forwards without knowing this key fact.

The system was originally devised back in the seventies, by trading legend Richard Donchian. The system was devised to trade commodities but works on any trending market and currencies are ideal. Now the system is very simple and you just have one objective rule to follow so here it is:

Buy a new 4 week high and hold, wait for a new 4 week low to be hit and then liquidate the long and go short. Then simply reverse the position on new 4 week highs and lows and always maintain an open position in the market.

You won’t get much simpler than that but does it work? Yes it does and its obvious why.

Look at any Forex chart and you will see long term trends and these trends last a long time. If you look you will see that every big trend starts and continues from a new price low or high. This simple system will get you in on the really big trends which yield the biggest profits.

Many people think it’s too simple and don’t try it. Don’t let the fact its simple put you off, its very effective in terms of making profits long term and as long as markets trend it will make money.


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