Food Service Management Careers

Today, getting a job that offers long time stability is impossible due to the economic restuarants near me conditions, thus the consumers are putting off buying luxury products. However, one cannot stop from eating, and so a career in food service management is sure to stay for long. Today it is more in demand compared to any other industrial job or service.

The most advantageous position in Food Service Management is that of a Manager. When we talk of Restaurants, sports complexes, prison kitchens or any other establishment which deal in cooking and serving food, a need for a manager who coordinates the business the operations related to the occupation and the human resource is a must. He is the one who communicates with the customers and makes sure that they are attended the best possible way. What appears to be the most challenging job of the manager is to hire, train and then retain good employees for the Food Service Industry.

Today, management careers in food service industry are very profitable and long term once you know the responsibilities of the service manager well and execute them accordingly. These responsibilities include:

* Maintaining Customer Relations: this means he has to make sure that guests are served in time and with good service.
* Keeping in check the cleanliness of the kitchen and dining areas to the set government standards.
* Maintaining safety standards and observing liquor laws.
* Ordering food, equipments and supplies.
* Track seating, inventory and the orders via computers.
* Supervision of assistant managers.
* Helping the chef to create successful food items.
* To recruit, hire, train, motivate and dismiss employees.
* Schedule work hours and to handle last minute changes.
* Managing any kind of banquet or catering operations.
* Invoicing and paying of bills.
* Processing paperwork like payroll, employment records and tax documentation.

And there are many other responsibilities too, as in long work hours and work scheduled on any day of a week, even holidays.

Schools and Degrees

Today, vocational schools, community colleges, universities and all are offering two to four years degrees in hospitality which are preferred by all the restaurants. Any kind of experience in this field can also pave your way to enter the food service career as practical experience is an essential part of such programs.

The curriculum of the degree offered by such colleges includes food preparation and planning, nutrition, accounting, sanitation, business management and law, culinary courses and computer science.

There are some basic requirements that need to be fulfilled by a person to be a food service manger. Firstly, a prior experience in restaurant or any food service joint, a two-year/four-year hospitality degree for national level restaurant chains.

In order to evaluate whether the chosen university is a good for the hospitality degree, remember few points:

* The reputation of the college or university,
* The conditions of the labs and the quality of equipments,
* Practical experience and exposure,
* Financial aid to the students and the expenses,
* The earlier graduates success rates.


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