Every Woman Needs a Confinement Nanny

Every new mother deserves a confinement nanny! It doesn’t matter if this is your first baby or your tenth baby. It doesn’t even matter how much you know about babies or if you work with babies as a living. Even confinement nannies need to hire a confinement nanny when it comes time to deliver their own baby. No matter who you are or what you do, this is something you deserve.

You can look at a confinement nanny as your chance at mental peace and relief from anxiety after having a baby. The realities of what women must live through when they bring home a new baby aren’t comforting. At the very least, you will get very little sleep while in confinement. Newborn babies do not sleep very much and their sleep tends to be broken up throughout the day and night, rather than sleeping in one long period.

Since you will already be exhausted when you come home from having the baby, it is difficult to go through confinement without much sleep. A confinement nanny brings relief because they can care for the baby while you get quality sleep. This works even if you are breastfeeding!

Due to the sleep deprivation and hormone fluctuations that occur after having a baby, many women are also at high risk for postpartum depression. The depression can interfere with the mother’s tquk 認可課程 ability to bond with her new baby and can become life threatening if it is not overcome.

A good nanny can help with postpartum depression in a variety of ways. They are likely to pick up on signs of depression much faster than others in the family, since they are trained and have dealt with many other women going through depression after birth.

The nanny can also help relieve and prevent depression by ensuring the new mother is just as well cared for during confinement as the baby. A confinement nanny will make sure you get adequate amounts of rest and can relieve anxiety by answering questions and directly confronting concerns. They make being a new mother less stressful and that will decrease the likelihood of suffering intense postpartum depression.

If this is not your first child, then you may be wondering how you will get through confinement with a new baby and still care for your older children. This is especially important if your other children are still babies or toddlers themselves. Once again, having a confinement nanny is the only answer.

A confinement nanny will give you a couple extra hands to help look after the older children until you have the energy to take it all on yourself. It can be scary bringing home a new baby for the first time, but bringing home a new baby when you have other small children is even scarier. This is why every mother deserves a confinement nanny…and every child deserves the nanny as well!

If you are wondering how you will get through confinement, a nanny is your answer. If you are on the fence about hiring a nanny or are concerned with justifying the expense, think seriously about what confinement will be like without any help. You will see that hiring a confinement nanny is not just an option, it’s your right! You deserve to have relief, peace of mind, and a bit of restful sleep when recovering from delivery.


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