Every Business Can Use Table Tents

You see them everywhere – your favorite restaurant, a bank, when we check into a hotel or at a yearly tradeshow. These three-dimensional printed pieces are effective marketing tools. Used to promote your business and keep your customers coming back for more, table tents can have a unique look. Table tents are easy to distribute, allowing you to place them nearly anywhere customers may see them, whether walking by or seated at a table. Use them to feature a special offering as well as build brand recognition.

Commonly used in the service industry for  skid steer auger  advertising in restaurants, bars and nightclubs, their usefulness can expand to many other areas such as tradeshows, conferences, calendars (with your company name), special drawings or contests, seminar announcements and more. Restaurant and hospitality businesses use table tents because they work. Their up selling value is very high. Table tents are a very powerful, cheap marketing tool that up sells customers, strengthens customer loyalty and increases ROI.

Everybody loves a good deal and that’s what they offer customers. Some will spend more money than they planned in response to a table tent offer, and they do it happily, too. Mostly they create a desire for the most profitable menu items and specials. They increase sales for each part of the customer’s experience – drinks, appetizers, main course specials, dinner combos and deserts.

If you own a restaurant and aren’t currently using table tents, you are missing on an easy opportunity to get your customers to spend more money. You can use a them to highlight a new item that you’ve added to your menu. You can also use them to showcase a special you are offering. Another effective option is to promote drinks, appetizers or desserts on your tents. By including a large color photograph of one of these items, you’ll cause people to think about how good the item looks, and then they will want to order it from you. Be sure your table tents has a compelling visual. Tempting drink and food photos attract customers’ eyes and pique interest. Combine that with a great deal and you have a quite sales amplifier that’s hard to resist.

Table tents are ideal for advertising special promotions. The reason they work so well is because they attract attention. Because they stand up when they are placed on a table or other surface, people can’t help but look at them. Since you can count on table tents to attract attention, all you need to do is put an offer on the tents that people won’t be able to refuse. This can be done by focusing on what people actually want from your business, instead of only thinking about what you want to give them. Another strength of table tents is that you can use them for multiple promotions. As long as you continue to make your offers enticing, you can count on them to continue generating results.

You can also use table tents to provide information to potential customers. Because they pique people’s curiosity, most people will take a closer look at a table tent to see what it says. This is the perfect opportunity for you to provide them with information. If the information you provide has value for the people reading it, they will take an interest in your business. Even if you aren’t directly using your table tent to sell, providing valuable information will allow you to build trust with the person reading. When they’re ready to buy the service or product you offer, they’ll want to do business with you and not one of your competitors.

These three-dimensional printed pieces are available in 2 die cut standard sizes, 4 X 6 and 5 X 5.5. It’s best to print them on a heavy rigid 14 Pt card stock for strength. Your choice of UV or matte coating can create the effect you want.

All kinds of businesses use them. And they don’t simply use them because they think they look cute. Businesses use table tents because they are effective. They can be used for special promotions, restaurants menus or informational purposes. Thanks to the Internet, it’s quite easy to order. If you haven’t tried using table tents to market your business, they may be exactly what you need to acquire more customers.


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