Do Not Make These Mistakes With English Bulldog Puppy Potty Training

Just like humans, English bulldogs also needs to have a puppy potty training. The mess your dog can create at home during pee times will create a huge disaster not only for you but also for the whole family so it is your responsibility to subject your pet to this kind of lesson.

There are two critical mistakes most newbie pet owners  French bulldog under $1000 experience in starting to potty train their puppies. First mistake is that most of the owners are very impatient. Remember that just like kids, puppies have immature intelligence compare to full-grown dog. Don’t rush the training, do it step by step.

Second mistake is that owners are either too busy with their lives or they are not paying attention to their puppy. Dogs gives a lot of signals when they are about to pee. Most dogs may look at you as if saying that he needs to use the bathroom, or they will walk in circles, bark or paw you. Dog owners should be able to observe for these signs as this will be a useful tool in puppy potty training.

The first principle in successful English bulldog puppy potty training is to set schedule. This can be after waking up from nap, 30 minutes after eating or drinking, or right after an exercise or rigorous activities. During this schedule, the puppy should be place in the right place, his potty spot. If one of this signal is observed, the puppy should be immediately grab and transferred to its designated potty spot.

For his spot, crate can be used as his place to answer the call of nature. Although the use of crate is not advised by other pet owners, these can give dogs, especially puppies, in potty training a sense of security.

With constant repetition and practice, the dog will be able to master this training. A reward method for every successful potty can be applied but punishment for unsuccessful tries is a big no-no. These rewards and treats should be given to your pet immediately. In this case, the dog can associate the reward to his accomplished task. Patience will be the major key in having a successful puppy potty training.


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