Caring About Subjects of Cancer

Caring for people we love can be somewhat trying at times. Caring for subjects of cancer can be gut wrenching and tragic. Cancer is a word that introduces all sorts of feelings and emotions such as sadness, heartache and pain. Thoughts of damage and desolation one thinks of. I don’t know anyone that is not affected by it whether you yourself are the victim or someone you know and love. One thing I know for sure, we all need to worry about subjects of cancer. Caring is one of the most beautiful gifts that God has ever given us. When i think of the word “caring” I find myself love, security, friendship, kindness and concern.

My first heartache that cancer caused was losing my loving grandmother. Grandmother Wanda was an inspiration to everyone who came in contact with her. The loss was so severe. I was overwhelmed with suffering. She had the gift of hospitality. She made all of the nieces and nephews feel as if these were the most special children in the world. Her own 일본야구중계 four children adored her. Her husband treated her like she was the queen of their castle. I had the hardest time understanding how this horrible disease could kill such a wonderful person. Grandmother Wanda was not a materialistic person whatsoever. She ran a lot of the women’s fellowships at church and fervently prayed for others.

After losing Grandmother Wanda my other Grandmother Wanda was diagnosed with breast cancer. She needed a sweeping mastectomy. She is now a survivor. From the her frustration contrary to the disease and how it affected her losing both her breasts. She felt that the disease had thieved part of her womanhood.

After that the illness minted my Grandmother Inez. She had already lost 13 family members within two years. Again we ask why? Shouldn’t we who lost family members be exempt from this terrible disease? I’m glad to say that today Grandmother Inez is also a survivor.

After i lost my sons Gabriel and Josiah I desired to do more to help others. I’d taken in many kids over time and volunteered for many a good cause, but I now wanted to use my pain to create a difference. I was seeing all this pain and suffering before my eyes. What would God have yours for the taking for me?

My friend Diana was minted with the disease before the boys died and she needed a sweeping mastectomy. I viewed how she grew closer to God and grew dependent on him. Proper I lost my sons she in turn was such a positive influence on me. Diana now’s a survivor.

I know we all wonder why some survive yet others don’t. I don’t have that answer. I lost two sons that were so loving and giving and would help anyone. Why? I don’t know. Many of us get to go early (darn it). We live in a new that’s not endless. It is full of sickness and disease. Motor vehicle collisions and murders are on the news daily. There are also natural consequences in this life. If you run in front of a car, you’ll get ran over. I know I can’t be a hypocrite. Which i taught my kids “Earth is our school and Heaven is our home. We’re only passing through”. It just affects so bad to be left behind here without our loved ones.

My friend Patty was minted with cancer after i lost the boys. Josiah spent a lot of time at Patty’s house. All my kids are friends with all her kids and their cousins. Patty cried many tears for the boys and I knew her heart hurt for my broken heart. Her first analysis was with lung cancer. Then it went to her brain. They took the cancerous growth out and it grew back within a month. She needed another surgery. Then finally she was cancer free. I cried tears of joy. She was here to see her earliest daughter Dorothy get married.

Now months later they found cancer in her kidney. She needed her kidney removed. I hate it. I want to scream “cancer, leave my friend alone”. She’s a really neat husband and five children. Patty laughed and said one day that she felt so sorry for her kids. What a single parent’s heart and a single parent’s love.

My friend Colleen lost her mother to cancer. I’ve been with Colleen on holidays and might tell she was missing her mother. These were like best friends. Holidays are the hardest occasions when you’re missing a loved one. You want them right beside us. Colleen often decorates her single parent’s grave for different holidays. Her mother is buried in the same cemetery as my boys and I’ve often been surprised by beautiful passes across and flowers on my boys graves from Colleen.

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