Adopting A Fur Baby


Worth Every Last Drop

Our dog Ginny was purchased for a bottle of gin. Yes, I shamelessly admit that. In fact that is how she got her name Ginny when she was a baby. She was a mix between a german shepherd and a dalmatian and she had a beautiful ginger colour body with spotted legs and feet. She was a very loyal dog sometimes almost to a fault. I remember the time when we planned out a nice family vacation.

We were taking the family on a wonderful 6 week vacation to Hawaii. We were living in Whitehorse in the Yukon at the time and we planned the trip for February to try to avoid some of the coldest months up there.Needless to say; We were all very excited about our trip.We were unable to include Ginny this time and I have a feeling that she knew what a great time we had planned without her as any dog owner can tell you they have a kinda sixth sense.

We carefully chose some good friends of the family whom our dog already knew and in fact we had taken care of their dog in our home on occasion. The plan was all set and we had no worries (or so we thought). We heard later that shortly after we left Ginny had run away from our friends and ended up right back home where she was greeted by our house-sitter who now had the added responsibility of taking care of the dog. When we returned home from our Hawaiin vacation where we had spent our time basking in the sun at poolside, sippin on pina coladas we were greeted by frigid record breaking 50 degrees below zero. This area of Whitehorse is actually known as the banana belt of the Yukon if you can imagine that. Our pipes were frozen, our sitter was upset that she was imposed upon by the dog and had left sometime before our return and the dog had gone out in search of the family and didn’t in fact return until a few days later. Upon his return he harbored some resentment and tried pussy888 ignoring us although this didn’t last long as he was actually very happy to see us. I guess it was no wonder the dog was mad at us for missing that particular vacation.

On another occasion when our son was 2 or 3 at the time my hubby and I decided to go to a party down the street leaving Alex and Ginny with a sitter. To this day I don’t know how they escaped the sitters watch but it was right in the middle of a great party when there was a knock at the door and when opened there stood Alex and Ginny. Ginny has since passed but Alex still likes a good party.


I should have known how life was going to be when I got my first cat because the neighbour was giving her away.She was a tri coloured domestic kitten and she turned out to be quite a handful. She used to sit on my desk and watch me do my homework and she seemed very tame UNTIL the time that she found her way out some open area that she found in our basement. Once she got out she learned some bad habits and things got a little crazy in our house. She loved to launch surprise attacks when you weren’t looking and she would climb up your pant legs. At times she would take to climbing up the curtains as well which of course wrecked havoc both with the curtains and your senses as it’s not all the time one expects to see the curtains swaying back and forth with a cat attached.At the time we lived in a house that had mice and we were hoping that the cat would scare them away. Well she would catch them easy enough but then insist in bringing them to show you which wasn’t our favorite moments. When she had kittens she would teach them how to catch the mice by holding her paw over a mouse tail so it couldn’t really get away and waiting for them to get in position and then let the mouse go which would result in a rough and tumble kittens game of catch. Yes Spooky lived up to her name quite well.


Pussy Willow

We picked our next cat up from a breeder in Vancouver near Willow Street. We named her Willow as not only was the street named Willow but she was a tortie point Siamese cat with colourings to match a pussy willow.We wanted a pet and we weren’t ready for a dog. What we ended up with was a cat that loved to go for walks on a leash.She was really well behaved until the fateful day that she met the bad boy neighbourhood cat. After that she spent many a day climbing on rooftops and scouring the neighborhood looking for trouble. After her adventures she would return home and spend a good 5 to 10 minutes recounting her tales. She was very vocal and this provided us with hours of entertainment. In summary all I can say is that I highly recommend owning a pet so be brave and try it… You’ll like it!


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